Guildmate received a survey email from Blizzard...

TBC ran outta shit to do between content drops, and between phases now. Wrath had something to lean back on between content.

To me, this is part of why wow got worse (later in tbc with ogri la and then especially sinwell plateau) and what was better with tbc and classic.

Actually doing everything and then being able to go "right, done. Time to do some other stuff", without having to feel punished for skipping dailies, since they directly affected character power, so you started falling behind if you didn't login. And this was still pretty tame compared to how it is now.

So, in my opinion, add extra stuff but make it optional, meaning, remove all the character power associated with these "optional" systems. As in, Let them actually be optional and allow us to enjoy other games or do other things.

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