I used to be like you and end up feeling unnecessarily guilty for everything. I was terrible. I couldn't do anything for myself without beating myself up over it right afterwards. Through therapy, I learned about the FOG parenting style that I was subjected to, so you may want to dig into your childhood if you're having issues with sourcing it. FOG parenting is when parents and guardians raise you with Fear, Obligation, and Guilt. It's very common in dysfunctional/broken families, mentally ill parents (emotional manipulation), addicts/alcoholics, and heavy in religion families. I had several of those which led to pretty severe co-dependency issues. If any of those are your family, that may be the source and you can get rid of it through CBT and maybe EMDR depending on severity. Essentially you have to learn, on a deeper level, that it's okay to take care of yourself too and accept that it's okay.

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