Why gun control doesn’t work in 2 min

The main reason it doesn't work is because it's not a coordinated effort. You can just as easily buy guns in a non gun control state, n bring them to a gun controlled one. I think that if you believe guns don't need to be controlled to some extent, you're an idiot. At the very least, you should be tested to see if you're mentally sound n all that, take a training course on proper use. Lot of mfs who would become killers out there without any kind of gun control. The worst places in the US mostly have loose gun laws, with only those few exceptions. Far left policies like injection sites, and pampering welfare people also are harmful, n need to be limited ofc. Legal marijuana is fine though. ALcohol is more dangerous, and violent. I never saw a weed head who goes around punchin out people when they had a few to many tokes. Most shooters test positive for alcohol

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