Gun control supporters support murder by the state. End of story.

I am white you shit heel. I don't hate white people, I hate you. I hate your MAGA-MORON family. I hate your entire existence and wouldn't shed a tear if I never saw you or anyone other MAGA hat wearing dipshits posting on reddit again.

You are weaponizing WWII patriots to be white heros, "my people" bullshit, because it serves your anti-minority sentiment and helps give you something to feel proud about. Because the only noteworthy thing you've ever accomplished in life is to have been born white. Congrats, you're a fucking loser.

You MAGA-MORONS literally build a concentration camp for children and you have the nerve to try and troll with a "You already defended concentration camps". Seriously, you need better talking points from your tub of lard leader. Tell fatty McPillPopper that you need new material.

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