This Gun Shop Says It Won't Do Business With Biden Voters

Ya, I'm smarter than that. I keep my red hat down and my beliefs masked and sell all my (CA) Democrat co-workers (~30) print on demand anti-Trump gear off my website and donate it all to Trumps campaign then the stop that steal PAC.

They are going to be furious when they find out someday, some have spent over $300 bucks to support Trump the last year. I was going to tell them after the election but since Trump can now run in 2024 I'll wait and let them donate much more.

I can retire now and am just juicing my SS till 67 (and I ran it through a lawyer first to mind my p's and q's and cover my ass on campaign finance stuff, no I'm not explaining how) so when I YouTube the final reveal and award the top buyer it will be hilarious.

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