Make Gunblade a Mythic item

Look dude I'm willing to have a conversation with you about this but if you're just gonna throw a tantrum and insult me for no reason then this is probably a waste of time.

the entire point is that removing the only item that is viable for her doesn't magically just create new options, it's solely retarded to her progression stages, argue as much as you want about her new late game, her early game is worse, and that is unhealthy for the champion. You're right just deleting gunblade on its own doesn't create new options, well I mean it technically does but in a very uninteresting way, however a full item rework and huge changes to the ways her abilities work DO create new options, which is exactly what they've done. Also I don't necessarily think her early game is worse, I just think her transition into mid game with a massive item powerspike isn't nearly as strong 'good riddance' is the attitude of a smooth brain that never used gb correctly in the first place. no one good is touting that opinion lol, just reddit thread warriors. funny how none of the challengers are that excited and make these extremely bold comments like gunblade is useless, and that its always someone either s4 or g4. Used gunblade correctly??? it's not exactly the most complex item, it's not even difficult to use at all, idek what you mean by this, I'm not arguing that gunblade is bad not at all quite the opposite it's objectively the best item katarina has ever had to build, that's why I want it gone, I don't want her to be defined by just this one item, so if she has issues going forward then I want them to change the champion, not the holy grail item that was basically part of her kit. If you think the primary reason for gunblade is the heal, then there is no point even speaking to you. Why doesnt live kat just build DD first for that matter? Never even mentioned this, every single stat she gains from gunblade is amazing. It's mostly about the instant CC with an AD start, and there has been nothing added to the game that replaces that, generally at all. There is a new AD version of Rlya, but kat needs instant point and click CC to emulate what she did with gunblade in the past. Ok, so how about trying to fill gunblades hole they make changes to the champions ACTUAL KIT to solve that problem? (also idk what you mean by needs instant point and click cc because the AD Rylais and current Rylais have exactly that)

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