Gurkhas car set on fire in 'Covid-19 hate crime'.

The girls getting harassed/raped happens to many regular brown looking indian women as well. Its a big country so there are bound to be sexual harassments, rape cases and some of them happen to be northeast/nepali girls. Northeast population is Not small. Its about 50 million and there are tons of them in major cities like delhi. And delhi is dangerous for women of all sorts. Many south indians, biharis etc get attacked as well. Im not saying ne discrimination doesnt exist, but its wayy over stated than what actually happens. People are not targeting ne girls specifically, just fyi.

Also you have to look at both sides. Discrimination against bengalis and biharis is just as bad, if nor worse in the northeast. There are many cases of ne indians beating up mainlanders and nepali paharis and mongol people beating up madhesis and looking sown on them. You guys arent saints either lol.

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