Guy [30M] I [21F] just started seeing told me I could lose "maybe 5 pounds"

I don’t know why you think I’m universalising anything when my first comment to you was informing you of a very common “dating rule” people use for determining appropriate age gaps all across the world and then giving my own personal opinion on the matter when you took issue with it.

I don’t find “old men” icky. I prefer men close to my age. When I’m 50, I’ll prefer men who are around 50. Because we’ll have similar life experiences, similar amounts of wisdom, similar dreams for the future and similar amounts of baggage from the past. That’s why people generally date those their own age.

Those who date people significant younger than them tend to do it for superficial reasons, because they usually do not match in life experience or wisdom. It can happen, on occasion, but it’s rare because wisdom does tend to come with age and experience.

So yeah, the fact that men tend to date young and women tend to date old (a fact you said) is because they’re shallow (men want to fuck youth and women want to marry security). That shouldn’t be your standard for health relationships.

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