This guy and this business in LA allowing people in without face masks

Flowers are beautiful, so thank you for the compliment :-) I love flowers, and have been starting my own amateur garden during quarantine, although I’m. It sure if I’m very good at it yet, only time will tell. I did just plant some herbs and spices and they started blooming, so maybe I’ve got a green thumb, I dunno.

And yes. I did record this hoping to post it. We are in a pandemic and whether you want to believe it or not, this is a deadly virus that is not yet under control. Being a citizen of a free country, I also subscribe to the notion of common good for the general populace. If I see something threatening the general commonwealth, isn’t it my right, or almost my responsibility as a citizen to try and raise awareness about the issue?

It’s OK if you disagree with me, that’s your right, and I wish you only safety and well-being during this interesting time in the globe’s history! I hope you don’t walk into a store with someone who is possibly asymptomatic, yet positive for a yet incurable virus, without a mask after they have come in contact with a surface you are likely to touch that could potentially contain a virus load.

Please wash your hands and stay safe!

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