Guy dominated an argument by mentioning r/carolinekonstnar (OP deleted their comment)

COINCIDENCE #4: My father is Indian, mother Bulgarian. i am TEODARA's(obviously not her real name) BOYFRIEND; coincidence #5: Teodara wanted to study so handed her macbook to me as it was being a major distraction for her. She not being technical, forgot logging out of reddit and I saw EVERYTHING you've said to her. COINCIDENCE #6: I am in love with my Indian culture and consider India my motherland because I've spent first few years of my life there and regularly visit my father's hometown. COINCIDENCE#6: I don't even know who this "Caroline Konstnar" is, I mostly watch Indian and Bulgarian content creators as they are more relatable and I tend to understand them better. COINCIDENCE #69: DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE TO TYPE "I don't give infinite shits" 'cause you are being idiot by asking idiotic questions indirectly. You know what? I am gonna delete these posts featuring your pathetic comments making it evident that you are a degenerate teenager. after you see and reply this post. And that's Bulgaria not Belgium Mr. 14yo :V

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