Guy friend tells me I’ve been talking for a while and that someone else should get a turn...he talked 80% of the time out of 5 people.

Indeed, fair enough:

I've also encountered more than my own fair share of women that just yap and yap about pseudo-fake science and fake-cures they read about on Facebook... or read about on other such "sources"... that they have "researched".

All of which just makes me want to scream and run away from them really fast!

But that said... again, in my personal experience... by far...

The people who do this type of imposing their talk, ideas, and "research" upon you...

Are by far mostly males. They are also more aggressive about it all, expecting you to just accept what they say, otherwise:

"You must be the enemy, since you dared to disagreed with me, or question me," type of response.

Anyways... now that I'm "older" and have hit my 40's...

Male or female... I'm no longer shy in my response to people like that anymore.

I just tell them point blank, while rolling my eyes:

"Look! Enough! I'm really sorry to interrupt you... And I'm sorry if I'm about to sound rude, because I'm about to be rude to you: But dang... you just keep talking and talking... about stuff you really know nothing about... Almost as if you just want to hear the sound of your own voice talking...

So seriously unless you're willing to either shut up and do more listening, or to keep talking, but only to keep talking about topics that you actually know something about in a fascinating way... then ya... I think I'm going to leave now and do something more useful with my time! Bye bye!"

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