Guy gets pulled over for waiting in car

It has to change but it must start at the top. New guys have no chance. The chiefs and township administrators are responsible. The bad street cops are their henchmen. If you’re a “good cop”, they can easily blackball you and you can lose your career. Some guys have families and a lot to lose. I had nothing to lose and resigned because I felt like my personality was changing and I was becoming an asshole cop. I was pressured to fuck a civilian up because I was coming off as too soft. I resigned and still get harassed and stalked today.

One of my buddies (a good cop) spoke out about something he witnessed. The “bad cop” in question was the head of our PBA and head of internal affairs. He committed career suicide by saying something to our sergeant, who was friends with the bad cop. When my buddy got into a hands-on encounter, the “bad cops” took their sweet ass time in responding as backup. He’s still there today and miserable. If he speaks out, his kids won’t eat and he’ll be barred from public employment. It’s pick your poison, unfortunately.

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