A guy in the Ibiza party tried to fight with Messi. Messi is unharmed and was safely escorted out of the area by the security guards.

I remember reading a study being done where they found that people's happiness, content levels and satisfaction don't really increase after a certain amount of money is being made.

I read it from a link shared on Reddit. If I remember correctly, it stated that people who earn $150K (or $180K, can't recall now) a year don't really see any improvement in personal happiness, feelings of content, peace of mind etc. than if they were to earn $300K a year.

So after a certain point, for us normal folk, there isn't really much emotional (in the sense of peace of mind, content, happiness etc.) difference in earning $150K a year versus $300K a year. Both those amounts are more than adequate enough to provide all your basic needs whilst also allowing you to save a good amount of money and it will also give you freedom to pursue hobbies, dine out and have fulfilling vacations.

Obviously when you earn $300K you can save more, get a better house, car, go on more expensive vacations and all that stuff... But most people want financial security and peace of mind when they think of the future. Basically at a certain point, the money doesn't really do much to alter your internal view of content and happiness.

The only things you can buy with more money are materialistic.

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