A guy I'm dating (M31) doesn't look for a long-term serious relationship and I (F30) do

You are not a rag doll. You are a human, responsible for your own life and time.

Do not have sex with him. If you already have, cut your losses and leave.

It is on YOU to vet potential candidates until they have proven to be good matches. Currently, you are sinking 8-15 hours of your limited youth and fertility into a man who KNOWS you’re not the one. Learn to trust men when they say no. For it is men, who will pop the question to their dream girl. He can’t even call you a girlfriend, so how would he ever call you a wife?

Please read the countless successful love stories where men KNEW “she was the one” when they first laid eyes on her. Read Jason Momoa’s pursuit of his wife. That’s one example. Guys know. Trust this.

Please read the Defining Decade by Meg Jay. This is an amazing book that will wake you up from the delusions you currently experience. I speak from experience so you can take my advice as a been there done that kind of thing.

Sending you love and light, sis xoxo

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