Guy on LivePD is arrested for being weird after passing every single road side test.

I live in the 9th circuit where it was decided on appeal that police do not have the right to ask for ID unless under suspicion of a crime. If you are not detained, you are not required to identify yourself (except possibly your name in some states - not in mine), and you are free to leave (after receiving your ticket).

In this case the person was speeding, so he'd need to identify himself. In my state (which is not where this was taking place, admittedly), you are still not required to provide your driver's license, only your name (unless being detained for a criminal offense - speeding and not using headlights are an infraction, not a criminal offense here), and you also cannot be arrested for a moving violation - only detained in place until the ticket has been served.

So if this was happening in my state, he would need to state his name for the purposes of the ticket, wait for said ticket, and that is all. Anything else requires consent of the driver.

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