Guy peppering cop with questions about the legality of a seatbelt checkpoint in Maui.

Drugs don't ruin lives or neighborhoods. Drugs don't lead to robberies or killings. Go on down to a drug neighborhood and see what a nice and safe place it is with all of those non violent upstanding members of society.

All this is because it is ILLEGAL. Just like Al Capone and prohibition, the black market is what causes the crime, mafia, and gangs. Why do you not understand that?

We're heading that way. Being fat doesn't lead to higher crime. No one gets strung out on cheeseburgers and ruins their lives and the lives of the people around them so they can get their next french fry fix.

You don't think there would be a crazy epidemic of robberies and theft if cheeseburgers, caffeine, and refined sugar were all illegal and cost $100's??? All those are DRUGS they are just legal drugs.

But when someone is arrested because they stabbed a stranger for $20 so they could get a fix.

When did I ever say anything about violent crimes shouldn't be illegal?? That goes against common law, an injured party! You are not following very well. People should be able to put whatever they want in their body as long as they are not harming anyone elses person or property. Of course if someone gets high on a drug and robs someone they should be punished, because of the robbery not the drug.

If someone robs a bank for all there cash or a jewelry store for their gold does that mean that cash and jewelry should also be illegal?

I can't believe that you are advocating for letting people be killed before you do something about the cause. That is twisted.

Once again I never advocated violence should be legal, I said the exact opposite. At this point you have to just be trolling because you can't really think me saying NON-VIOLENT drug "offenders" should not be put in a cage equals "advocating" stabbing someone.

I sure hope you're trolling and not that stupid.

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