Yeah and that's fine as long as that information isn't used in character. Like people can't just tell a cop that X took it because out of character they know he's the only one that would. That's what this is about. They can say whatever they want to each other.. but once that information is used in the game... that will literally get you banned. A ton of people have been banned for it. It's a widely looked down upon thing. Understand that I'm telling you the truth, you don't need to keep trying to justify why this was okay. It wasn't okay.. and that's why I'm here explaining to you. All of this info and reasoning is very common knowledge lol. But people new to RP are the ones who chat hop trying to tip streamers off of what another streamer is doing in the game.. and that kind of shit is a big problem that streamers actively fight off. Nobody wants to use info they shouldn't know in character.. it's scummy as fuck.

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