Guy’s who did something stupid for a girl, what did you do?

Dated a fuckin terrible girl in high school, abused the hell out of me. One particularly stupid thing I did happened around Christmas. She told me she wanted some Michael Kohrs purse (about $300) for Christmas and of course I bought it. Tried to keep it a surprise because she ruined most other surprises until she asked what I got her for Christmas over the phone one day. I said I wasn’t gonna tell and she asked for hints so I made a couple misleading hints that sounded like I got something other than the purse. She turned on the tears and didn’t talk to me for hours bc I “didn’t get the purse she wanted” until I had to just spoil the surprise. Buying that purse was stupid but that was a fairly regular sample of her behavior. The stupid part was staying with her for over a year and dealing with that shit on a weekly basis. After we broke up she threatened to break into my house, destroy my car, contacted any new girls I hooked up with to scare them off and even tried to tell people she had a miscarriage w my kid (never happened whatsoever). Stupidest thing I ever did, girl related or not, was date that monster

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