Guy’s who did something stupid for a girl, what did you do?

There was one lad I knew in college who lived quite far away from where we went to school, but did so as it was one of the best in the north west of England. He had started to date a girl and wanted to do a great big romantic gesture. In psychology class, he laid out his plan and we all told him it was a BAD IDEA. The next morning, he got up at 5:00 am, and got the bus into the city. From there he made his way to a bus stop not far from where his girlfriend lived and waited until he knew she was leaving to go to school. At that point he got on the next bus headed her direction and waited at the front with flowers and chocolates. She got on the bus, apparently froze, stared straight at him and then preceded to ignore him and walk straight past to one of her friends. He came into class with the chocolates so I had a good morning that day.

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