Guy talks to a cop like a cop

It's unfair to say they go out to provoke. Flexing your rights and having the police try to arrest you for excercising your rights should not be a thing. No matter how dickish the auditor. Hurting their ego is not a crime, them creating suspicion, and illegally detaining because you hurt their ego is a crime. Yes. Some Auditors are a bit provacative, like Clash with Bao. Not all of them. Again, we should have free speech, and freedom of press, being mean to a cop should NOT get you arrested.

And there are polite Auditors like this guy, James Freeman, Amagansett Press, High Desert Community Watch. They don't take shit, but they are also cool to police if they are cool back. They just don't bow their heads to every unlawful command. And that's what "Cops" consider provoking. Flexing your rights. There's a lot of them that don't GO out looking to provoke. They go out with a camera, and police almost ALWAYS come to them trying to ID them for holding a camera. And when they refuse to ID, they get upset, and try to find suspicion and at times illegally detaining them all because they film a crime scene, or do audits of public buildings.

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