Guy tearing down BLM posters confronted!

You’re just straight up lying to save face at this point.

He missed the takedown entirely

Here’s an image of them LITERALLY touching each other -

I think you need to Google the definition of ‘entirely’

right wing

Nazis are not “right wing”. Those are two completely separate political beliefs. But if you’re going to propose a similarity between Nazism and a political party in the US, it’s the opposite - Nazis are very commonly associated with socialism, which is a concept on the far left in America (see Bernie Sanders).

Not trying to be rude - I understand that English is not your first language, and you likely don’t live in the US seeing as how you’re clueless about our political parties - but you should probably brush up on some of this stuff before taking on a topic such as politics. In other countries “left” and “right” mean something completely different than what it means in the US so I don’t completely fault you.

But I would urge you to do some research before spreading misinformation as fact.

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