Guy tries to do a 'social experiment' and gets called out for being a bad actor

Oh god I just had a terrible flash back to when I had to do a social experiment for my psych class. My task was to run up barefoot to a stranger outside a grocery store and see if I could get them to loan me their shoes so I could go inside to buy some milk. My results were mostly as expected: a lot of people ignored me, some just said no because "they were in a hurry", a woman offered to buy the milk for me, one lady took the milk she literally just bought and gave it to me for free, AND THEN ONE GUY SAID OKAY AND TOOK THE SHOES OFF HIS FEET AND LENT THEM TO ME. So of course I'm shocked because my group and I had been trying to get this to happen for a while. I didn't really know what to do because I never thought I would actually get that far so I just put on the shoes and went in the store. I looked back once inside and the guy was just texting on his phone (I can't imagine what the conversation was about... I mean, imagine "Sorry honey I'm going to be a little late getting home tonight. It's just this poor girl needed to borrow my shoes real quick. No, I promise that was the only clothing I took off, honey. Yes, this really just happened. She said she would be back really soon! What? No, I'm not cheating on you?"). I did go right back out though to return his shoes and explain the experiment since I felt dirty wearing a stranger's shoes and for potentially ruining a marriage. Eventually a group of guys complained to the manager about some crazy chic begging for shoes so we were asked to leave. Funny thing is my teacher gives out this assignment every year and the manager was completely used to things like this, so he was pretty nice but really wanted us to stop, which we did because hell, we got what we needed (unfortunately not the milk though). I was the only one of my group of four to accomplish our goal (granted, one was a terrible actor who couldn't keep a straight face, another looked like some punk lesbian because she is, and the other looked like some homeless chick with dreads. I was the only "typical teenage girl" looking one.). That one guy was the only person to actually lend his shoes to one of us. Still.... man it's all on video too. I don't think it's on YouTube though because we weren't able to get permission from everyone we wanted to put in the video to be in the video. We just showed it to the teacher for our grade. I'm NEVER doing that again, but at least I know I could make a decent actress, or at least a beggar that owns my a own milk. But yeah, the guy in op's video should have at least made sure he could make it when he tried to get on the branch. That part is what made me cringe the most.

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