I think a guy is trying to use me as a pawn in his manipulation of his girlfriend, and it's weirding me out

ok. i will. I am going to tell Mary and continue to avoid avoid and if I have to deal with him be rude. Because I'm repulsed at this point because what I find particularly disturbing is I am almost POSITIVE that he's making it up that Mary told him that I told her we were talking. Because that NEVER HAPPENED. so mary would NOT have said that. it's not like our brief, casual conversation was even worthy of discussion. so it's not like I was tyring to hide anything but I dont see why it would even come up is my point. i think he said that as some why to manipulate ME. It's one thing to incorrectly think I like him because i was being polite, but what he is doing is doing beyond that and that's why i find it particularly disturbing. Like he is trying to rope me into his drama. Like calling me to say she is upset about what is "going on" between us? we literally chatted briefly on facebook and HE sat next to me during a class, and that was it. what is he telling this girl and why is he then coming to me to tell me about it. that's not normal behavior in my opinion.

that's why part of me is like this isn't some dude who likes me or thinks I like him - i really think this is some sort of weird narcissistic triangulation manipulation thing. It just seems so heavy handed and the way he's going about it is just WEIRD.

Sorry, but I just wanted to clarify my take on this to explain why I posted this. I have had guys who think I like them before but this is just different to me...

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