Guy who is always working … doesn’t seem to have time for dating should I stop talking to him?

I'm currently talking to someone right now who is also a workaholic at the moment lol. 12 hour days, 6 days a week. I'm not exactly holding my breath on meeting up with him (because we are strangers to each other after all), but he has at least arranged specific date plans to meet up and consistently talks about them, and given me a specific timeline of the things going on in their life & when the date can happen without me having to ask for any of that communication. They offered it 100% freely and of their own initiative. So I've continued to talk to them, because without doing all of that I wouldn't have wanted to keep putting in effort to talk for as long as we have. I'm busy with my life too, but we both have been making efforts to have engaging conversations the whole time.

But even then, it's really up to you if the situation this guy you're talking to has presented doesn't make you happy; it's okay to want to feel more prioritized than you currently are. You may have only been talking for a couple weeks, but it's fair to want more priority than this to start dating; you're both setting a precedent for what's to come in a potential long-term relationship after all. If you feel like you are already settling/compromising your values right now, you're going to settle a lot more later if you keep dating this person.

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