To that guy who somehow downvotes my posts to zero only 5 seconds after posting it.

Reddit is really broken and there's not much the admins can do. You're a new user, two week old acct, and you start posting fresh stuff and some of it might be amazing. Then the idiots downvote. Some people just might not agree with you and they downvote. Others might just want to give their posts more visibility and they downvote. Someone might really like your post so they upvote... problem is they aren't supposed to downvote or upvote subjectively -- it's supposed to be a moderation point based on whether your submission contributes to reddit or not which is pretty confusing.

I can't say how anyone could fix this system. It's loosely based off the Slashdot moderation system but with a few changes. There is no voting context it's upvote or downvote. On slashdot there was a context (+1 insightful, +1 interesting... -1 troll, -1 overrated... etc.). Slashdot also had metamoderation (still does I guess?) but that was just a bunch of people saying whether or not a vote was fair. Their whole system was pretty much reliant on knowing people who would moderate all the time who were trustworthy. You only got mod points based on your track record. It was pretty complicated and Rob Malda was rewriting the mod system but then he just left Slashdot.

Reddit though hasn't done much with their voting system since the beginning from what I know. They put a lot of faith in moderators for pruning which is like a megadownvote... and we all know that moderators are the kinds of people who are easily corrupted since the job is free. So a company can come along and buy off moderators in each subreddit and then nobody can say shit wrong about the corporate products or government party or they get banned or have their comment or submission removed.

tl;dr: Reddit voting is shitty but nobody has figured out something better yet.

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