Guy with the highest of reasoning skills and smartest self taught man alive sparks lively debate. Gives teachers solid financial advice, “Just return the salary.”

Who the fuck is getting 70k a year?

My wife's in a well-paying school in Texas (for Texas 'well paid'), is a 20 year vet with two Master's and spends the bulk of her summer break getting paid to train educators in two or three different things (maintaining those certs is a lot of extra work she's NOT paid for) and she's never hit those numbers. Not within 10,000 or more dollars -- and her "summer work" (training) charges are equal or better than her teacher hourly pay, so she's not exactly volunteering.

Mind you that's maybe five or six weeks total off the year (Spring break, Christmas break, and about a month in the summer). The benefits are so shit that it was worth a 2k yearly penalty to put her on my insurance (it saved a lot of money), and no teacher in Texas expects the retirement system to be there. Also they don't get Social Security. And if I die first, she can't collect mine either.

They get 80 hours vacation/sick time, and you can bet your fucking ass they don't take it. Oh, and no fucking tenure in Texas.

And yeah, she actually worked 60 to 80 hour weeks all year, every year, for 20 years.

Until she finally left the classroom -- COVID was the last straw. She still works in education, and last I heard they had to spread her duties around to three other teachers to cover it all, but she puts in 40 hours a week now not 60 and her stress level has dropped.

This dumb fucker doesn't know shit.

(And btw: Teacher salaries as reported in the news? Almost always some fucking unicorn in the richest district in the state, who has 30 years, a doctorate, and like 6 fucking stipends AND a summer position or they roll in admin pay or play some other fucking dumb game. Never seen real salaries like that, and I listen to teachers bitch pay from a dozen districts around me. Some rich, some poor, and at least one that has to pay a premium because it's a shit place to work.

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