Guyger Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Murder of Jean

the issue with this is the lie, whether socially accepted or not, it’s still not okay

Not okay professionally, yes. Morally, that's different. I won't judge someone on it. As for what her defense did, was that her choice, did she agree to it under pressure, or did she come up with it? I'm not sure how the defense attempted to defame him here, so I'd have to actually look at it.

The event was a MLK event, in which she made fun of MLK’s death, then proceeded to comment on the work habits of those around her.

It sounded to me like she was making a deliberately nonsensical joke. I legitimately can't tell if her comments about the other cops was some sneaky racism. It's possible. But there are a lot of fields of work in which certain demographics team up and do things differently; that's the reason I can't assume she's a racist for saying that. However:

her Pinterest board (which was the one thing the police forgot to delete when clearing her name) which had posts (which she had in a folder under inspirational) that had the idea of “shoot first and ask questions later”

Now this is the interesting part. The police were deleting her social media trail? If that's true, I wasn't aware of it. If so, they could have deleted blatantly racist communications from her.

"Shoot first and ask questions later" is totally a Texan thing to say, but, damn, that didn't age well. It sounds to me like she internalized violent retribution as a moral right. That's not an appropriate mentality for a job in LE.

calling her a pillow princess is no more than an assumption

I was shitposting. But I'll be serious a moment. If he was going to her place, I'd think it's possible she may have been exhausted enough for this to have happened. If she was planning on leaving to meet him, no.

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