You guys are gigantic whiners


past tense: retarded; past participle: retarded

"our progress was retarded by unforeseen difficulties"

Like trading for victor rask. But, whatever I'm over this and your homework.

I'm talking about future moves.

Everyone else is talking about this move.

I'm not implying Rask is a part of the future, he's a plug and play role player for the 3rd line

He has 3 years left at 4mil AAV. How is he not part of the future?

You're being awfully selective with your quotes from my toilet seat rant at 7:40am off of my phone

If you'd like me to pick apart the rest I can, but I feel like that might be running afoul of:

I think you're being a bit of a dick and this post is targeted for someone like you

If you don't like that, keep whining in the GDT's I'm sure Fenton will hear you out..

I'm just being a realist and characterizing the trade for what it is, grossly lopsided and a poor return. Every homer in here gets hyped over the dumbest shit trades like the front office is infallible and knows what they are doing regardless of all the empirical evidence pointing to the contrary. This trade makes no sense and its as bad as any of Fletcher's Deadline Failures that everyone in here also thought were great at the time.

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