You guys are pathetic and fall for cheater's whining about being banned. BattlEye doesn't work like you think it does, pointless speculation only embarasses you.

well larger post got deleted so basically, you have no clue what you're talking about, at all lmfao. You aren't a reverse engineer, pasting a source off of a github doesn't make you a cheat developer. "cheat client" ahahaha. go back to preschool. and stop sourcing cheat developers sites while you're at it, makes you look a little stupid.

Please read the module specific section before you spout that it doesnt detect features from cheats(woah, you quoted that section too, maybe you just can't read or something?)

Most speedhacks would be setting memory if they were an external program, battleye also has a section in detecting memory modifications(learn to read yet again, it's on the page you cited LOL)

Battleye doesn't work like people think it does, but almost everything in your post is simply incorrect.

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