Do you guys believe in a higher purpose?

I believe that there are several higher purposes, or reasons for existence, outside of our control that we actively feel negative consequences for not fulfilling. Whether it's god or a non-sentient cosmic force that gives us these purposes, I don't know, but i believe it's both.

For example, one of those would be to connect with other human beings and treat them well to strengthen the bonds. Another one is finding that skills you have and fully utilizing then to affect the a small (or large) portion of the world. Maybe it's not always in a completely positive way, evil is real and it has a purpose as well. Another "divine" or given purpose is to overcome hardship and use the struggle to promote growth within ourselves. Not everyone plays the same role, but in order to be fully realized and functional people we must all do similar things. To me that is evidence that there is more to the meaning of life beyond each individuals interpretation of it.

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