Do you guys care about what a girl brings to the table?

If I like the person I dont expect them to "bring anything to the table"... if anything I'd love to help them achieve their goals in any way i can. What I've found a shortage of in the dating pool is honesty and being upfront. I don't like dating multiple people at once, and if you do, just tell me so we can go our separate ways. Some girls I've dated seemed to be very conflicted if not overwhelmed because of their multiple "options", and it always ended in me being hurt as a result. I hate being lead on, just to find out that person has been dating others behind my back from some third party, or a sudden ghosting followed by seeing her with some new guy on social media. I understand that exclusivity can be intimidating, and i dont mind moving slow, but feeling like I'm the focus of their attention as opposed to being one of the horde is what I'm look for.

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