Do you guys think you could make a movie?

It's my dream to make movies. I'm more of a genre film person, so that's what I would do. I really like Adam Wingard's films (to use a more up and coming filmmaker), so movies like those are what I would aim for. I don't really think I could make a thought-provoking film, like some of the ones that get talked about here. For example, I recently watched Enemy, which totally threw me for a loop. I don't think I could make a movie like that, at all. But in short, yes, I do think I can make a movie.

I made a short film for a college class. It turned out horrible. First, I didn't even want to make the movie. It was a toss up between the script I wrote (which was based on another classmates story), and someone else's script. I had written a second script, which was more comedic and very film-able, but no one really liked it. Our team voted for my adapted script. It was a movie I didn't want to make, or even plan on making, so I wrote it to be over-budget, which was basically a shoestring. It took place almost entirely inside a moving car. We forgot get certain shots and shoot certain lines. There were audio problems due to lack of care during the other director's time (we traded places instead of working collaboratively, due to a small crew), which were not discovered until editing, when we had zero time to do any re-shoots. It is a wholly embarrassing 5-minutes. The only part of the film I am kind of proud of is the last minute. I personally, if we had a larger crew, better actors, and more time, it would have been what I envisioned, a much more enjoyable. In the end, I wound up hating my co-director and the film. The department heads, my professor, and all of my other classmates thought it was the best of the lot (sadly, I agree).

Fuck it, here's the youtube link to watch it if you want to watch it.

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