Have you guys ever known a “Heather” before?

I have a personal experience, I was married, and my spouse was an addict. ( I didn't know until it was too late) They murdered our mentally disabled neighbor. I was young, poor, and had a 3-month-old child to take care of. Went to nursing school. Worked for a doctor that mainly saw older patients, but they were all addicted to Ativan and Lortab, later Norco. He lost his memory and retired... My second spouse died from a Methadone overdose after a horrible car accident. Got addicted, and our lives went from millionaire status to selling our business and house. I left, and they died 6 weeks later. I worked for a family practice that was bought out by the hospital. We did Suboxone, but they were too relaxed on the policies, I left last February. I am in the last semester of my B.A. in Criminal Justice to try to help women that have been sex trafficked. I cannot deal with addicts anymore. They are a mess, and I know there are some that are willing to be helped, but I just cannot do it anymore.

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