Why do you guys hate my digital drawing so much?

I never said it isn’t propaganda, I’m simply just saying that the main deeper meaning behind a work of art doesn’t directly correlate with your feelings / beliefs based on the way you see the world through your eyes. You have every right to personally view it as propaganda based on your political beliefs, or interpret a piece of art in your own way - but that’s doesn’t make it the finite meaning behind the work of art. Look at multiple works of art created by Vincent Van Goh or Diego Rivera for example...I get it, this is some random art on reddit. But the main point is, the artists I mentioned have created many paintings that are considered to have multiple different meanings - Each one of their pieces have been interpreted hundreds of different ways across multiple decades. Some are interpreted to be Propaganda. (For example, Man at the Crossroads by Diego Rivera.) This painting was actually painted in Rockefeller Center NY by Diego, but he later choose to destroy it because people interpreted it as some sort of tribute to a Russian Communist figurehead at the time. This work of art was of course never intended to be viewed this way when it was painted by Diego Rivera, but because of people’s strong political beliefs/bias they cried out Propaganda regardless of the fact that it wasn’t.

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