GUYS: how do i get the answer to a question i can't explicitly ask?

23M, I've been with my girlfriend for ....3+ years, full intention of marrying her after I get my degree (current parental and living situations wont really do well for marrying now haha).

I can say that yes, as scary as that question may seem, there are definitely other ways to do it, but I think the biggest thing is patience. Dating is very much so trial and error, alot can happen, red flags and maybe signs he might be the one, but its all about what you're looking for.

I can say though that one tell sign of a man only looking for a long term girlfriend is his comfortable zone. How fast into you both dating does he get "comfortable", as in, he stops trying as hard, he falls out of that "honeymoon phase" quickly. Definitely a nope right there.

Now if you're not dating but simply meeting guys and trying to figure it out from the get-go, theres no shame in asking. Its a very real thing and if a man is committed to the long term, you'll know by his answer. Any man who gets scared off at the mention of marriage I can say 100% thats not Mr Right. Ask what his take on any future plans are, does he plan to get married, start a family, etc. Maybe even ask how far down the road he sees himself settling down. Then ask yourself that too, whats a good timeline that I can say im ready after dating him?

Take your time, practice the patience. Remember even if he gives you all the right answers from the start, make sure he is given his trial period. Within the first 6 months, you'll know.

Goodluck friend :)

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