Guys, Let's just reserve 100% of the seats for the reserved categories

Your argument is stupid. Upper castes suppressed others for centuries but there were economically poor Brahmins in every era. Why should I care if an upper caste guy is a high court judge. He is not related to me. My concern is i don't get to join a college with a rank 200 but someone with reservation and 20000 can easily get in. I can understand if it's a person from a remote village who never had opportunities. But this is literally a neighbour who's economically better than me. How is it fair for me. Why should people not rant ? I'm a woman and women were oppressed by men for centuries. Is it okay if we all get 40 pc reservation in that basis? Do you think it's fair for men? Politicians who are pro reservation should get treated only by doctors who came via reservation. Some of those doctors may be excellent but lets see how much trust we have in our system.

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