Do you guys have more than one deck of the same color combination?

I can only play a deck with three or more colors, I have an Atraxa, and five 5C decks.

I love 5C, I like having access to all.

There's [[Esika, God of the Tree]] planeswalker class, where [[Kasmina, Enigma Sage]] leads a class of 40 planeswalkers. This is my epic 5C deck.

Then, [[Karona, False God]] political control. Incentives and goads, it's a blast to play. I play this deck when I want to feel like a manipulative negotiator. This is my villainous 5C deck.

Oh joy, [[Morophon, the Boundless]], my ooze tribal. Straight forward aggro with one of my favorite tribes. This is my janky 5C deck.

[[Golos, Tireless Pilgrim]] passes my playgroup's rule 0, they know my Golos is just for the lulz, and it is. I play chaos cards, those that aren't logistical nightmares. Lots of random choices. This is my fun 5C deck.

[[Ramos, Dragon Engine]] is my spellslinging deck, it plays with a heavy Temur core, but actually wins with black means, like [[Virulent Wound]], [[Tainted Strike]], and [[Caress of Phyrexian]]. Since it has a solid ramp and draw package, I also added [[Psychic Corrosion]], [[Sphinx's Tutelage]], and [[Teferi's Tutelage]] for the mill. This deck uses two of my favorite wincons, poison and mill. This is my signature 5C deck.

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