To the Guys Older Than 18-22, Let's Post Our Past Mistakes For The Younger Guys To Avoid.

Not a lot else to read. Do the silly-sounding sentence stem exercises in the Pillars of Self Esteem book, and then follow through with what you come up with. This should take all of your not-in-field attention for at least several weeks before you want something else to read. All of the rest of your time should be spent actually talking to women.

One of the bullet points I almost but didn't add was "less reading more doing" because there have been quite a few Friday and Saturday nights where I read or watched pickup guides instead of being out on a date or at least sending messages on OkC. I wasted years "learning" by reading instead of doing, when doing (and reflecting on what you've done) is the only thing that will make you really learn. Pickup guides let me feel like I was doing something towards my desire to have romantic relationships when I wasn't.

Once you feel like you understand the basics, decide that from now on you will only read books that address specific things you want to understand.

Most of what I re-read or re-watch these days are very short motivational things that I keep to remind me of the goals I've made or my responsibility to work to reach them. It may seem a bit hokey, but if I can change my mood in 5 minutes and have a more productive day that's totally worth my time.

I have a poster that says "What is the most important problem you could be working on right now? Why aren't you working on it? ". I have a small folder of youtube videos like Arnold's "whatever it takes I will do" interview

or Art William's Do it speech

or Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferris talking about how failure is normal and ok to have regularly

or Matsuoka Shuzo telling you to never give up

I know all of them by heart already, so when I'm feeling out-of-it I know which one I need to watch to remind me to stick to my guns. The rest just being conscious of what I'm doing so I stay on task.

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