Guys of Reddit, what's your worst blowjob story?

So I was 17, and I was dating the girl I had lost my virginity to, we will call her Cait. She extremely attractive, kind of like that emo chick style with these cute pink braces. Well Cait and I had been dating about two months at this point, still fresh in the sack, when I was like "Hey, you know we should really try oral!". I had never had a BJ before and I really wanted to know what it was like, I mean it wasn't sex but it sounded amazing!

However she was very hesitant. She continued to make all sorts of excuses not to like "Oh I don't feel well" or "My throat is sore" ect. It got to the point where, and mind you I was still new to the whole sex thing, that I looked at Cait while things were getting heated and said "We are having Oral sex tonight." then immediately went back to kissing her to prevent her from objecting.

Now for the moment of truth. She finally goes down on me! I was super excited I couldn't believe I was about to get my first BJ! That's when the scraping started to ensue.

I thought it was her teeth at first...but then I could feel them too. I was so roused because I was excited from this moment, but between her teeth and the now discovered spikes in the roof of her mouth made it almost unbearable. Apparently if you still have a bad habit of sucking your thumb as an older child, the orthodontist puts a strip of spikes right behind your top teeth to prick your thumb at night to prevent you from sucking on your thumb anymore.

Worst part is I didn't stop her. I tried too hard for this moment and we had just started dating that I didn't want to hurt her feelings, nor prevent any future BJ when she got her braces/spikes off. I think I waited about 10min before I said "Wow that was great, now it's your turn." or something like that and went down on her so it would just stop.

Never had an orgasm from a blow job until this year.

I'm 23.

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