Do you guys report confirmed cases of credit card fraud that hits your stores?

Absolutely, why would you not?

And in some cases I'll sue them myself. I sold a Segway on eBay in April. Guy gets it, obviously it's a huge heavy package, signs for it with the same name as his eBay account, and more than a month later I get a notice that he's doing a charge back with his credit card as unauthorized. PayPal, as usual, refunds him. So I sued his ass, flew out there and sued that mother fucker. I brought documents that showed when it shipped, when he got it, that it's his signature, feedback on eBay showed he was still purchasing things so presumably his account wasn't hacked, and it took more than a month for him to figure out he didn't order a Segway that he signed for? I won and once I included my costs to sue him this fool ended up paying more than 10 grand for a used Segway i170; I got paid for the Segway and got an all expense paid trip out of the deal.

If I know it's fraud, I'll go after you. There's no downside to it as I'll be paid and I take a scammer off the market.

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