You guys should know her by now, but she changed a bit lately..

Because I got tired of ryzen overall. They are great cpus but especially zen 3 ones act so fucking weird. I have played around with 24 ryzen chips so far in different systems and every cpu is completely different. That's something that really botheres me because that just shows that zen still isn't consistent in silicon quality. Also my main game is warzone and pbo doesn't do anything for warzone, you need to manually overclock the cpu to increase fps. I got my 5950X up to 4.6GHz at 1.321V LLC5 which gave me around 250fps average in warzone 1080p. But sometimes it would just dip to 170fps on some parts of the map and I really felt that despite not even looking at the fps counter. At some point I got so sick of it that I decided that I wanted to go back to intel and see how they do. And actually I have to say that it felt like coming home. Everything just works on intel. You just punch in your oc and there you go. Now I'm also averaging around 250fps in warzone but it doesn't dip like with the amd chip. Worst I've seen was 190fps but that's really rare. Most of the time it's between 220 and 270 and that's just perfect.

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