You guys should know this. How come Hunter doesn’t get a catch or the yards for a two pt?

You’re a tough guy on the Internet because you like to say things that you’d never say in real life conversations. You’ve twice diagnosed me above as well, so we can add qualified psychologist to your resume. Added points for telling me I can’t let something go but you keep responding every time. Lol even you can’t miss the irony there. Show me what a level headed man who doesn’t care about this and is off doing noble work that you are and let this be the last communication. Certainly someone as level and even as you wont feel the need to respond to a neurotic, obsessive like me.

Additionally I liked the clear exaggeration in your protip to further make me the outcast and you the almost merciful protagonist. That takes impressive levels of delusion. So your issues with my post on Reddit are now format AND content. Telling me that they don’t count for yards and then adding the formatting critique would have been welcome and helpful actually, but nah, just be a dick instead. See my point?

Yes I can google, but I actually wanted to engage with the community during Monday night football. I was confused by it and thought you guys seemed like a cool resource. You not knowing that or caring and immediately acting like a condescending dick is kind of your thing judging by the quick peek I took. You see if you trip over assholes all day, it may be you whos the asshole. That’s a pro tip worth checking out.

Everyone made fun of me is intentionally misleading and factually untrue. It was mostly people just referring to the rules, some that were helpful or encouraging and then you and one other troll. So like 2/15. I engaged that other guy and said about the same thing. He’s not a self loathing troll though so I’m sure he didn’t waste an hour pretending to “just be playing around” when he could be off pro-trolling elsewhere. Now you’ve gone full circle and are pretending that you weren’t talking to me and were contributing in a harmless way that I should almost thank you for engaging and being so gentle to a moron like me. No wonder you act like this when you can have that level of cognitive dissonance.

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