You guys suck.

I think there are a few reasons people engage so harshly on NNF and part of it might be due to the fact people pay for it and feel like they have a right to say something. Another is that the very much push the idea you like it or you fuck off so I'm sure that creates some backlash. On top of that you hear Jimmy saying he doesn't read comments or what not so maybe people just go crazy in them knowing that fact.

I don't think any of it is deserved but I can't help but think there is something within the show that helps create a toxic environment but I might be talking out of my ass.

As a final note, I was someone that hated the Hamilton talk but not like I told them that. Oddly it never bothered me as much with Scott Aukerman talked about it but he was probably quicker about it and didn't talk about it for so long.

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