Guys, what positives effect has quitting porn on your memory and confidence?.

ive had zero changes to memory, and the confidence ive gotten is probably from the ability to use willpower over something i dont like doing. it just feels amazing to practice art and a new language when im bored instead of looking for porn (which in the process fucks with my ability to form healthy sexual relationships). you're gonna have to look a bit deeper into your relationship forming abilities and its dysfunctions to get answers about confidence, quitting is a good start to the journey but it having an effect by itself? not thats i've noticed. most of the positives come from the things that appear in its absence, not its absence.

i think its wrong to blame your problems with confidence and memory on porn, but that isnt to say that quitting wont help start you fixing things. it improves your relationship to sex and your conception of an ideal partner/relationship. also, ive found a lot less guilt about sex and masturbation since i've stopped watching it, and i've had much better sex since.

i say this because when I was younger when I 'quit' porn, games, or whatever and still had the psychological problems with motivation, i put too much emphasis on something external effecting me to be like this, when it was actually doing something very specific to me and not something general (e.g making sex into something preformative and lifeless, a way to escape boredom, but not making my life an unmotivated mess) . don't blame everything on porn addiction, try to see what it is actually doing, what psychological need it serves for you and what you need to do instead. overcoming game and porn addiction and etc are ways to affirm yourself above media manipulation of your desires and bring them under your control, regardless of chemicals this process makes anyone more confident. it feels good not to contribute to media i think is unhealthy, it feels good to abandon unrealistic body standards!

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