Guys, what's a creepy thing we do that we might be unaware of?

Exist. Not that guys don't know they exist, but rather, that they don't realize existing is creepy. This goes for anyone less than 10/10 bodybuilder/supermodel or simply rich. A lot of guys think (and I used to think this too) that the worst case scenario when coming on to someone you like is that they simply say no. That couldn't be farther from the truth. They'res a good chance she'll feel extremely threatened or uncomfortable with it, as if you're doing something wrong, simply becuase she doesn't reciprocate (which you're magically supposed to know somehow, apparently). This can result in getting numbers but never get any follow ups or responses: she feels justified in treating you like dirt becuase hey, you're just a creeper who won't leave her alone. In more intense cases, it can result in severe, possibly lethal, ramifications: society is extremely gynocentric. There is no shortage of pathetic white knights who will kick your ass and rush to a woman's defense to protect her from the oh-so-horrible-fate of being harassed for two seconds by a guy who is a disgusting creeper for not wanting to be lonely. Meanwhile, she'll humiliate and demean herself by allowing a guy to treat her like an object:[1] If you ask me, women are the creepy ones. But that's just, like, my opinion man.

Jesus Christ this reads like if Patrick Bateman was a neckbeard.

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