Guys who are struggling with women, don’t lose hope, it gets better as you age

You're just viewing women as a thing to fuck

Fucking is the entire reason humans (and all sexually reproducing species) come in two flavors. Without fucking, there's no need for two sexes and all of the social by-products that go along with it, we'd all just be one uniform thing. Fucking is also, obviously, the only reason that reality exists for all of us in the first place. So it's not about how I view things, this is just the fundamental underpinning of nature. You can acknowledge this, or you can ignore it, as you are apparently choosing to do.

People mature with age, and get new preferences.

Yes, and one of the reasons preferences change is because of the underlying dynamics of sexual selection. The mistake you're making here is one of arrogance; you seem to think that you're conscious of the reasons you like the things you like, but really you're just an observer of your preferences, which are ultimately out of your control. Life is 4 billion years old, there's a lot going on under the hood that our relatively young sentience in the universe is not consciously aware of.

looking at them as some form of lower evil being

Not at all. I do not view women as evil or inferior in anyway. I view all people, men included, as machines, because that's what we are, really. Biological machines. And just like a car or computer, we are built on rules and can only function within our parameters.

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