Guys who don't chase after women and let them chase you. How has that been working for you and what is your strategy behind it?

This whole guys are creeps for doing that is hilarious. Okay guess “I’m a creep”, but I have a good dating life and most people are lonely, so who gives a fuck what people think lmao. Everyone is miserable, depressed, lack social skills, and lonely.

And I’m a creep who’s happy, has social skills, has a dating life, and doesn’t give 2 shits.

So which one would you rather be as a guy?

Dude so fucking on the money! Get called a creep like twice a year on the internet. Cool, the trade off is I get dates like crazy and laid on a regular basis, and now have an excellent girlfriend from those multitude of dates. So y’all keep avoiding that word like it’s the devil and we can keep succeeding

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