Do you guys write your own lore/backstory for homebrew Dynasties?

Awakening: Originally a part of the Nihiliakh Dynasty, Overlord Userka Sakai and his armies awoke upon their Tombworld of Netjerinet during the Great Crusade of the Emperor.

Separated from his Phaeron and the bulk of the Nihilakh Dynasty by both time and space, Userka Sakai crowned himself Phaeron of a new dynasty, the Nesumet, Vessels of Death. True to their name, the Nesumet conquered hundreds of worlds over the course of ten thousand years, bringing death to any of the lesser races unfortunate enough to lie in their path.

Awakening and absorbing other Necron Tombworlds into their forces, the Nesumet soon grew to rival their predecessor in both wealth and military might.

Amongst other more immediate threats, the existence of the Nesumet Dynasty remained merely a matter of rumour and speculation to most inhabitants of the Galaxy. This state of affairs suited the Nesumet just fine, as it allowed the nascent dynasty to establish an empire in a galaxy plagued with chaos.

Userka Sakai's crusade of conquest, however, was not one of vainglory. Like his brethren of the Nihilakh, Userka Sakai was still loyal to the Silent King in exile, and was anxious to establish a fearsome army for the King upon his inevitable return. With this army, Userka Sakai envisioned a united Necron coallition reconquering the Galaxy as one unstoppable force.

When the Silent King finally reemerged from his long exile, the Nesumet Dynasty were among the first to pledge their loyalty to his new cause. No longer satisfied with mere expansion, the Nesumet set their eyes on both the Tyranid Hive Fleets and Forces of Chaos, fixed on ridding the Galaxy completely of these threats to Necron supremacy.

Ancilus III (Crownworld): By Imperial records, the Crownworld of the Nesumet Dynasty is known as Ancilus III, a once wealthy mining world. However, in the time of the Necrons, it was known as Netjerinet, the God Prison.

Ancilus III, home to settlements of human colonists in the Dark Age of Technology, once teemed with life. Its varied ecosystems sported all number of unique and awe inspiring life forms. That was, of course, until the necron awoke.

The creation of Slaanesh, and the psychic shockwave it sent throughout the galaxy, triggered the failsafe sensors of the Nesumet Tombworld on Ancilus III, causing the Necron forces to rise from their long, dreamless sleep.

Once awoken, Userka Sakai wasted little time in rallying his forces and erasing all signs of life from the planet in a violent demonstration of Necron supremacy. The name Netjerinet, or God Prison, was no empty boast. The world housed a broken and enslaved C'Tan Shard, hidden away in the depths of the planet's crust. In recent years, this fact has fallen into the realm of speculation, as the shard has not been seen in millenia, and many believe it no more than a rumour.

Nesumet Dynasty: For reasons unknown, many elite of the Nesumet Dynasty have kept much of their sanity and seem unperturbed by the aeons passed, by Necron standards at least. Foremost among them is His Luminous Majesty, Phaeron Userka Sakai.

Once a fearsome Overlord of the Nihilakh Dynasty, the turmoil of their awakening lead Userka Sakai to found his own dynasty. One that would rival the might of the Great Houses and assist in setting the stage for the Silent King's return to the Galaxy.

Exactly how long is unknown, but it is said that the Phaeron's conquest across the stars raged for over ten millenia. Empires rose and fell as the Nesumet forged their fledgling dynasty in the fires of war. Their pace, slow and measured. The Galaxy had changed much, and they were cautious. They gained territory slowly, but once a world fell into their metalic embrace, it remained so. Their location in the far reaches aided in the Dynasty's relative anonymity amongst the myriad threats that were posed against the Imperium of Man.

Nemesor Kahotekh the Deathless: Second only to the Phaeron, Nemesor Kahotekh rules dozens of worlds in the name of His Luminous Majesty. Kahotekh's mind, like many of the high elite of the Nesumet, was seemingly untouched by the countless aeons he had slept through. His wit still as sharp and cutting as his blade.

Kahotekh's retention of his mind, as well as his innumerable feats in battle over countless years, have earned him the moniker Deathless among the ranks of the Nesumet Dynasty. Kahotekh has been blessed by His Luminous Majesty with the title of Nemesor, ranking highest amongst the Phaeron's Overlords, and is tasked with the eradication of the Forces of Chaos throughout their emergent empire.

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