Gym Story Saturday

Firstly, I would like to apologize for any formatting problems in the following text. I tried my best and would encourage you to read this story. Thanks
Hello, today marks the day that I start a new journey on fitness. My older brother whom I worked out with a long time ago, has decided to change his life for the better. After a long time of convincing, and after him taking two years off of exercise, today, he bought his first month membership at my gym. As for myself, I have been working out almost daily at the gym since August, but have been a pretty consistent runner and biker for the most part in previous years.
But today was special. Today we didn't only grow stronger physically, we grew as brothers, as friends. He recently went through a breakup and I knew he is doing this to get bigger and better. So I really pushed him, I wanted him to know that when the times get tough, you gotta push yourself harder. He kept up for the most part, struggling, but pushed through.
I am proud of him and myself. I'm proud because I didn't realize how far I've come in these past few months. How much I've grown physically and mentally. I'm much stronger than him and had no problem showing him the ropes today, but he strived through with the workout with a few less reps and lighter weight (which is expected).
I want him to look back and think this was one of the best decisions he's made in a long time. I want him to become the best he can be and to prove that he can get through this rough time and most importantly, I want him to enjoy it. As for the workout, it consisted of: * 10 minute bike ride * 500 meter row. Mine time was 1:57minutes, his was 2:37minutes (just for comparison) * 3 x 10 tricep pull-downs * 3 x 10 chest cable crosses * 3 x 5 pull-ups * 3 x 10 bench press I know this workout seems all over the place, but I just wanted him to get back into working out and I wanted to give him a grab-bag of things to try out. We'll be starting a workout plan on Monday. Lastly, I am 6'2 170 and my brother is 6'1 155 Thank you for reading, I will keep you guys updated on weight and strengths we accomplish in the coming weeks. Thanks for all the support!

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