Gynocentric society

Yup. Bout to see the expendables go. The ones answering the phone, the ones bagging groceries or simply more self checkout lanes. The stuff that youngins get into for a year and work their way up with.

Its ridiculous people think that fast food joints and entry level babystep jobs should pay more than or equal to some of these. Because its getting close to it.

Teachers, EMT, or even Firefighter. Risking Education and safety just because lazy ass people don't want to work.

Oh and then there's the fact that everything is going to go up in price months after your wage is increased. Look at Cali, its cost of living is a meme. It only offers a brief satisfaction of increased pay but in the end it just leaves things the same but reduces the need for some jobs and even makes some jobs less desirable. Because why would you want EMT training and stress when you can flip burgers and hand people their fries?

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